Interactive Brochure
"Drink the Kool-Aid" is a phrase used to symbolize going along with the vast majority, typically with a negative connotation attached. This brochure is a statement about queer people's rights in the United States. 
This is a brochure for a hypothetical collaboration between the Human Rights Campaign and Kool-Aid in honor of Pride Month. It was essential as part of the community to design a brochure that was informative yet visually interesting for a viewer to interact with. For the concept of this brochure was to flip the classic saying on its head by making it a positive thing. Although the topics are challenging, the essence of the queer community shines through in the design.
The brochure includes four brand-new Kool-Aid flavors that correlate to a current issue in the community. Each flavor is paired with a spread of handmade typography and symbols made from Kool-Aid powder. Hidden behind the Kool-Aid packets is additional information spreading awareness on that flavor's topic along with some resources for the viewer to look into. This is a way to spread awareness of crucial issues while adding an additional layer of interaction. 
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