Interactive Zine
Apraxia is a rare neurological disorder. It is the loss of ability to execute or carry out skilled movements and gestures despite having the physical ability and desire to perform them. Apraxia is found most commonly in children.
Experience Apraxia is a zine designed to let people who do not have Apraxia visually see how those who are impacted by it walk through life. The intended audience for the zine are parents and loved ones of those who are affected by the disorder. 
The zine achieved the task of visually showcasing Apraxia by manipulating the typography so drastically that the viewer must actively work to read the displayed information. The typography treatment directly reflects how people with Apraxia often have difficulties forming sentences, distort their sounds, and have errors in their tone and rhyme. The color treatment is black and white imagery with pops of blue typography; the decision to have blue be the only color used correlates to the disorder's official color. The zine is meant to be frustrating to get through because thats how it must feel for the child. 
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